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UK Internet TV in Spain

Welcome to, where we supply UK TV over the internet as well as a satellite solution. We supply british tv using a number of different solutions, which cover most scenarios. The three Solutions are;

Internet Only TV

Satellite and Internet TV

Satellite Only TV.

There are a number of things which determine the best option for each individual install, so please read carefully what is required for each type.

What do I Need?

  • A Broadband Internet Connection (2meg or faster)**
  • A Television with HDMI or SCART Socket
  • If you have a satellite dish - its a bonus (but not needed)
  • Our IPTV BOX or Satellite Box


** Different systems will work only with certain criteria - you will need to be sure you have the right equipment to suit the system you require. Please read each system criteria before deciding.


Internet Only Box

Internet /Satellite Box

Satellite Only Box

Why not register with us HERE - We wont hassle you, we do not share your data - Registered Users will be dealt with First

IPTV with no Subscription

We have been listening to what our customers are asking for - a no-nonsense, no subscription method of watching british television programmes on their television. We are now selling the IPTV box, set up to receive UK TV via the internet, whilst also being able to receive the remaining FreeSat channels, Sky News,True Movies Etc via your existing satellite dish.

This option costs 149,00€ for the box. You will need to connect your new Set Top Box (STB) to the internet either via a WIFI dongle, using an ethernet cable or using "Powerline" plugins (these transmit your internet around your house using your power cables) which we sell for 45€.

Full instructions are given for the set up, however, you must ensure that your internet supply is above 2m/b (even at peak times) to have a reasonable tv viewing experience.

You can test both speed and internet quality at the following sites: and to give you a guide.

Our IPTV Packages

  • IPTV + SAT
  • Satellite Option

This is our Satellite/Internet budget or standard option.

Price from 395€ - This STB (Set Top Box) can receive IPTV channels using either Filmon or Iplayer (BBC and ITV) as well as Sky TV.

Please ask for more details

This is our IPTV only package. It is a fantastic piece of technology and is highly regarded as a great IPTV box.

This decoder only receives IPTV via an internet connection, although it is one of the best boxes of its type. This package is a subscription only package and collects the TV channels through a 3rd party server, which

BBC, ITV and Channel 4 without internet

Technomate F3/5 Satellite Option

If you do not have internet - we can still give you the following TV channels

BBC1 HD, BBC2 HD, ITV 1 HD CHANNEL 4 HD, BBC3/CBBC, BBC4/CBEEBIES, BBC NEWS, BBC Parliament, BBC1 Scotland, BBC1 Northern Ireland, BBC1 Wales, BBC Radio 1,2,3,4,5,6

This system is available for 399,00€ fitted and

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